Tuesday, October 20, 2015

iOS Diagnostics & Usage Data

Joe Caiati:

Pre-iOS 8, you could have found this is section under Settings → General → About → Diagnostics & Usage, but now it lives in Settings → Privacy → Diagnostics & Usage.

I would liken the Diagnostics & Usage Data section to the Console on the Mac. There is a lot of noise in there, but sometimes you can find important information about issues related to your device. At its most basic definition, the Diagnostics & Usage Data section is a log of system events that happen on your iOS device. This log isn’t tracking your every move, but it is creating entries whenever events like an app crash happens.

My iPhone 6s’s display isn’t wide enough to see many of the full filenames.

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You can see the full filenames with the tip in the footnote:

Here’s a tip: Long press on an entry to see the full title of a log.

@Adrian I’d missed that. Thanks!

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