Friday, October 9, 2015

Wi-Fi Calling

Dan Moren:

The good news is that AT&T and the FCC seem to have finally finished whatever spat discussions they’ve been having, and iPhone users on the carrier can now enable the Wi-Fi Calling feature added for all in iOS 9. (Previously, it was offered by other carriers, including T-Mobile, but not for AT&T.)

I expect this to work much better than AT&T’s MicroCell, which has limited range and sometimes inexplicably stops working. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi Calling requires an iPhone 6 or 6s.

Update (2015-10-14): Rosyna Keller:

AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile do not charge minutes when using Wifi calling. However, only AT&T restricts to US.

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iOS 9 (on T-Mobile, at least - not sure if it's carrier dependent) seems to address iOS 8's inability to simultaneously use Wi-FI Calling and Continuity for phone calls. I'd turned it off on iOS 8 because I missed the ability to use my laptop as a big speaker phone.

In at least some situations on T-Mobile (this may be carrier-dependent as well), Wi-Fi Calling does not properly pass touch tones through to automated phone systems. I have it turned on most of the time because my signal at home is terrible but I have to turn it off -- and hope my signal isn't terrible -- whenever I need to call our scheduling system for work. This used to work fine, so I'm not sure if it's an iOS 9 bug, whether it was introduced in one of the point updates, or something else entirely.


I've run into that touch tone problem too. Seems to go in and out.

Att wifi calling won't work on the 5S? It's works fine for spouse's on T-Mobile. I don't know if it's carrier dependent, though.

Rajiv Varma

Still getting the "oops" error with AT&T here. That is it says it's available, gives the the EULA screen to approve, but never turns on correctly.

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