Saturday, September 12, 2015

Your App Is Collection of Tiny Details

Jeff Atwood (quoting Wil Shipley, via Ole Begemann):

These are, to be sure, a bunch of dumb, nitpicky details. Did the old version feed our cats reliably? Yes, it did. But it was also a pain to clean and maintain, a sort of pain that I endured weekly, for reasons that made no sense to me other than arbitrarily poor design choices. But when I bought the new version of the automated feeder, I was shocked to discover that nearly every single problem I had with the previous generation was addressed. I felt as if the Petmate Corporation™ was actually listening to all the feedback from the people who used their product, and actively refined the product to address our complaints and suggestions.


Getting the details right is the difference between something that delights, and something customers tolerate.

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