Friday, September 11, 2015

Apple/Google Hiring Lawsuit Finally Settled

John Ribeiro:

A court in California has approved a $415 million settlement between tech workers and Intel, Google, Apple, and Adobe Systems, who were accused of conspiring to prevent the poaching of each other’s employees.

The final approval has, however, reduced significantly the sums to be paid to lawyers and the class representatives who had initiated the court action.

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Update (2016-03-18): Ashley Nelson-Hornstein:

Cook uses the book as a platform to defend his friend against Isaacson’s portrayal. In fact, there are two full pages of consecutive quotes that read like a soliloquy, without narrative structure. A curious moment also occurs when Cook explains Jobs’ part in the lawsuit against Silicon Valley companies, for their secret and illegal agreement not to poach senior employees from one another. Cook says in part “…I don’t think he was thinking about saving any money. He was just very protective of his employees.” I was surprised to hear such a patriarchal sentiment from the CEO of Apple.

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