Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Survive Working at Home

Daniel Jalkut:

Actually being your own boss is one of the greatest challenges of working from home, and in my experience it’s helpful to be, well, bossy with yourself to the extent you are comfortable. Give yourself strict deliverables; I write a checklist in the morning and get very grumpy with myself if the checklist is not completed or rationalized by the end of the day.


At home, nobody tells you when to stop working. Establish a rule with yourself, or with your family, for when the workday ends and the “lifeday” begins.

I’ve found that having a rough schedule for each day—both when to work and what type of work to do when—helps a lot.

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For me, just forcing myself to go out and do something physical - running, for example - at least once a day, for at least half an hour, made a huge difference.

I still need to get better at switching work mode off. Commuting is great for that, it's like garbage collection for work thoughts. Working at home means you have to trigger garbage collection manually.

@LKM Yep, running after work is great for that.

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