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Peak App Care

Kirby Turner:

Today I’m happy to announce Peak App Care. Peak App Care is a monthly subscription service for maintaining your iOS apps. What do I mean by that? Simply put, I monitor your app for crashes and fix them as quickly as possible. Not only that, I also perform small jobs such as bug fixes and enhancements to your app at your request, and I even manage the App Store for you, from updating screenshots to submitting new builds on your behalf.

What I have found is that many apps available today in the App Store are published by companies with zero iOS developers on staff. Those companies, instead, rely on freelancers and software shops to build their apps for them. The problem, however, is that often times there’s no plans to keep the app up to date after the initial release.

What happens when the app starts crashing or customers start reporting bugs? What happens when Apple releases a new version of iOS or a new device?

This is a serious problem. It will be interesting to see whether his fixed price for “Unlimited Fixes and Small Jobs” works.


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