Monday, July 20, 2015

Photos for Mac 1.1

Jason Snell:

Yes, in Photos 1.1 you can add a location to an image or batch of images that weren’t geotagged, as well as edit the location of data of already-geotagged images.

Nick Heer:

Based on what I’ve heard and played with so far, I don’t think that I’m going to fall in love with it yet, in the same way I did with Aperture. But it’s now the primary way I edit my photos, and I like it more each time I use it.


As he pointed out, it relies on the Apple Maps POI database, which can be a crapshoot as we’ve previously discussed. Furthermore, because it relies upon search, it’s incredibly difficult to bulk tag photos in slightly different places – that is, you must tag them all identically, or modify them one at a time, which is tedious.

I don’t see anything there about using a GPS track to assign locations to photos.

I’m in the progress of learning Lightroom. It is quite a shift from Aperture, but I am liking a lot of what I see. And, unlike Photos, it supports both Google Maps and terrain view.

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