Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dash 3


Dash 3 for OS X is the biggest update I’ve ever worked on and I’m happy to announce it’s finally available. It comes with a lot of features that you, the users, have requested and some features which I’ve always wanted to add but never had the time until now. And lots of bug fixes, of course.


Dash will now use a lot less disk space by keeping docsets archived. Files will only be unarchived on-the-fly when they’re needed. Docsets take up to 10x less disk space while archived.


Use Annotations to extend any documentation page by adding comments, examples, warnings or bug reports. Annotations are stored online and can be public or private. You can also set up teams to share annotations with your coworkers or friends.

The Annotations Server is open-source so you can set up your own server if you want, for ultimate privacy.

The annotations are a great idea.

I can’t believe that Apple is still allowing this free trial with an In-App Purchase to disable the nag screen.

Update (2015-07-07): Kapeli:

I never had an issue getting accepted due to “nag-to-purchase”. They don’t see it as trial, maybe same thing as allowing lite apps.

As far as I can tell, their definition of trial is time-based only.

So perhaps Apple sees nagware as more along the lines of “pay to remove the ads,” which lots of apps do. This seems like a great fit for an app like Dash, where making the full functionality free is not a problem because a big part of the app’s value is how fast it is.

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