Friday, May 29, 2015

The Unofficial Guide to xcconfig Files

Sam Marshall (via iOS Dev Weekly):

One of the least documented aspects of the configuration process are xcconfig files. As of this writing there seem to be no documents provided by Apple that explain how to use xcconfigs or why they exist. A xcconfig file is used as a supplemental file to a specific build configuration. A build configuration can have an associated xcconfig file, this allows for additional changes to the target’s build settings from outside the Xcode project editor.

See also: Xcode Build Settings Reference, Xcode DerivedData Hashes, and Managing Xcode.

Unfortunately, Marshall’s blog doesn’t seem to have RSS.

Update (2019-05-14): See also: Mattt Thompson.

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Jeff, good of you to visibly embed the RSS feed. But it might also be worth your while to consider adding whatever minimal line(s) of code are necessary for the RSS feed to become discoverable. Without knowing the details myself, I assume it would be a trivial task.

For example, in my ancient (OmniWeb) browser, the contextual menu brings up Michael's blog's various RSS feeds, (as it does with most blog's with RSS feeds), but it does not with yours...

@Jeff Thanks for the link. Are they hand-generating the feed? It doesn’t have dates or GUIDs and doesn’t validate.

@Chucky It’s Sam Marshall’s site. Making the feed discoverable is a matter of adding a tag such as:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="">

Jeff’s blog has this.

It looks like it might be hand-generated. Although I hand-generate my own and do it right. ;-)

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