Sunday, May 17, 2015

How Not to Crash #2: Mutation Exceptions

Brent Simmons:

You get a collection from somewhere and enumerate it — and then you get an error about the collection being mutated as it was being enumerated. The app crashes.


You might push back, citing performance or memory use issues or both — but I’ll admit something: I’m a performance junkie, and I spend an inappropriate amount of time in Instruments making sure things are fast and use a non-weird amount of memory. And I’ve never, ever found this to be a problem. If your app has performance or memory use issues, the problem is something else, not these copies.


There’s a general point: if you’re getting a collection from code that isn’t yours, it doesn’t hurt to be defensive and enumerate a copy.

Swift does something similar automatically, although it probably doesn’t work when enumerating an NSArray that you receive.

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