Sunday, May 10, 2015

Under the Hood of Xcode Server

Honza Dvorsky (via Ole Begemann, comments):

As part of building a project called Buildasaur, I had a chance to explore the ins and outs of Xcode Server. Xcode Server is a combination of two of Apple’s apps, OS X Server and Xcode. Together, they can provide a continuous integration server for your repository.


Well, luckily, the engineers in Cupertino are indeed using the same open source tools as we do, like Node.js, Express, Redis and CouchDB, among others. And all of that lives inside of Xcode’s bundle, specifically in /Applications/

This is a goldmine of the source code of all the important parts of Xcode Server, in addition to /Applications/, where the closed source binaries live, e.g. xcscontrol, xcsbuildd, xcsbridge, xcssecurity and others.

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