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Problems With Multiple Apps

Ken Case (April 2):

OmniFocus for iPhone was our first iOS (or rather, iPhone OS) app back in 2008. With OmniFocus for iPad in 2010, we added features like Forecast and a dedicated Review mode to take full advantage of the form factor. Both apps have seen major updates since then, and most of their features have spread across the OmniFocus family, but now that Apple has blurred the line between tablet and phone devices with the iPhone 6 Plus it seems like the right time to combine the iPhone and iPad feature sets.


Also, please note that this isn’t a forced upgrade! If you’re not sure you need to move from OmniFocus for iPhone yet, that’s just fine: starting with version 2.5, we’ll be updating the iPhone app in lockstep with the universal app so that they both get improvements at the same time.

Ken Case:

Really sad that OmniFocus 2 for iPhone has so many one-star reviews from customers who aren’t finding the Complete My Bundle option.

Ken Case:

We’ve tried very hard to preserve our customers’ existing investment in OmniFocus for iPhone (and added major new features like landscape).

Ken Case:

We would remove the iPhone-only app from sale, but then those customers wouldn’t be able to Complete My Bundle anymore. Or get free updates.

Ken Case:

No plans to remove old app from sale, since we don’t want to orphan customers still using it. Just want to discourage new sales.

Ken Case:

When we’ve posted updates to removed apps, customers didn’t get them unless they deleted and reinstalled.

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Wow, Omni is really pushing the system to its limits. And there are a lot of limits! What a mess (the App Store, not Omni).

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