Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Software, Psychedelics, and the Origins of OS X & iOS

Andrew C. Stone (via Bill Bumgarner):

Today I’m going to share with you stories of the people and events that helped create the World of Today and talk freely about the influences and the coming of age stories affecting the kids born in the mid-1950’s (Like Steve, Bill Gates, me & probably many of you).


NeXTStep had become OpenStep, then Mac OS X and now iOS - something almost unheard of in software engineering, something magical - a technology not only survives 25 years but thrives and evolves and the NeXT community gets to use it’s sharply honed ObjectiveC and XCode skills.

There was a grand feeling of having chosen the underdog’s underdog and being part of a small group of people that led the stray puppy home, and then being part of the next 18 years when this underdog becomes the world’s most profitable corporation and replaced the mighty Ma Bell AT&T on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Being an underdog sort of person, I can see after almost 30 years, 30 applications and apps, my job is done here.

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