Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey Apple, Stop Messing With My Music

Kirk McElhearn:

Okay, Apple, this is getting out of hand. It’s bad enough that when I sync my music to my iPhone, you think you have the right to replace some of my album art. But now you’re changing my tags. And they’re wrong.

Greg Shadley:

What I have discovered is they way music is sorted has changed. If you go into the album info, go to the sorting tab. The “Sort As” lines have information that I never put there. Apple has changed the way I sort my music and I don’t like it. If you delete the information in those lines, it will return your library to the way you originally set it up. At least it has for me.

Joe Nash:

So it’s showing different metadata when playing back in iOS 8.3, but not changing any of your actual iTunes metadata on the Mac? I hope this is the case, because it means they are just changing it for display purposes. If iTunes messed with my real metadata, I think I’d cry.

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