Thursday, April 23, 2015


Thanks to TidBITS (tweet). 25 years and still going strong in terms of content and editing, still with a clean page design that’s easy to read.

Although Take Control was keeping TidBITS afloat as we started the second decade of the twenty-first century, it wasn’t pretty. I was torn between working on Take Control projects that actually paid and TidBITS articles that didn’t, and sponsorship revenues had been dropping for years. With Glenn’s help on the back end, we turned TidBITS from being entirely ad-funded to being supported primarily by voluntary contributions from our readers through the TidBITS membership program (see “Support TidBITS by Becoming a TidBITS Member,” 12 December 2011). That money has allowed us to hire Josh Centers as managing editor and pay our contributing editors and freelance writers. As successful as the TidBITS membership program has been, with nearly 2,900 people stepping up to keep TidBITS coming out every week, that’s still not even 15 percent of our email subscribers, much less the many tens of thousands of people who read in RSS or on the Web. If you’ve found our work valuable over the years, or if one of us has helped you personally with a problem, could you kick in $20 to help TidBITS keep going?

Thanks to the Edge Cases podcast. They’re stopping after 128 episodes, but since it wasn’t very topical I think the back catalog will age well. The episodes are a rare combination: short, dense, technical, ad-free, and occasionally hilarious.

Update (2015-04-26): Thanks to John Siracusa for 15 years of Mac OS X reviews.

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Edge Cases was great! A real 'gold mine' of info. Great job and thanks Wolf and Andrew!

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