Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mailman 3.0

Sumana Harihareswara (via Hacker News):

More than a decade after its last major rewrite, the GNU Mailman mailing list manager project aims to release its 3.0 suite in April, during the sprints following PyCon North America. Mailman 3 is a major rewrite that includes a new user membership system, a REST API, an archiver replacement for Pipermail, and a better web interface for subscriptions and settings — but it carries with it a few new dependencies as well.


The architecture and user interfaces of previous versions of Mailman reflect a different era of the web, and of application interoperability. Mailman 2 was a single codebase, written in Python 2, encompassing a rudimentary web application for subscription and list management (and incorporating the Pipermail web archiver) as well as the engine for receiving, moderating, and propagating messages. Lead developer Barry Warsaw explained in the overview he wrote for The Architecture of Open Source Applications that, beyond the browser-based interface, Mailman 2 also offered a dedicated command-line interface, and a Python internal API that system administrators could integrate with by writing Python code.

In contrast, Mailman 3 is a suite of five connected projects, each of which can run independently[…]

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