Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Facebook Legacy Contacts

Hayley Tsukayama:

Facebook has announced that it will grant users more control over what happens to their Facebook pages after they die. Starting Thursday, users should see a new option pop up in their security settings that will let them choose whether they want to pass their information and account management over to someone else when the time comes.


  • You can do nothing, in which case the current rules apply and your account can be memorialized by anyone after your death, providing that the company gets adequate proof of your death.
  • You can ask Facebook to delete your account after you die.
  • You can designate someone—called your legacy contact—to manage your account. Once Facebook is notified of your death, your timeline will also change to let people know you’ve died. Facebook does this by adding the word “Remembering” ahead of your name—i.e. “Remembering John Doe.”

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