Saturday, March 28, 2015

Scenery 1.0


Scenery is an application for the Mac that creates product mockups. Want to present your latest design work to your client or get a killer visual for your app’s marketing website? Scenery has got you covered.

Download our free Mac application and create an account. Browse our store of template packs, and check out the Free Starter Pack. Simply drop your screenshot or design, and you’ll instantly see it mocked up in all device photos. Once you’ve found the right style and scene you can purchase a pack—or simply use the free, watermarked previews.

We sell royalty-free licences for images, sold in packs. That means that you can use the image as often as you want, without having to make further payments to the photographer.

I’m not really a fan of these type of product images, but it seems to be what people are doing these days.

It’s written completely in Swift:

In the beginning, we spent a lot of time waiting for the compiler, but the stability and speed of the tooling has improved a lot in recent releases, so we hardly ever have issues anymore. Even when you take the time spent waiting on the compiler into account, I think we were still writing better code at a higher speed than with Objective-C.

The code base we ended up with makes me much happier than most Objective-C code bases I’ve seen. Having Swift’s type-safety greatly improves my trust in refactorings: I feel free to change a function’s type, add parameters or change parameter types. I know that the compiler will help me catch any type-related errors. We use a lot of functional patterns: tiny networking, typed observers, configuration values, wrapper types, and the list goes on.

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