Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fantastical 2 for Mac

Fantastical 2 (App Store) is a big update, though the change list doesn’t seem to be documented yet.

Update (2015-03-25): It looks like Fantastical 2 uses YapDatabase and SQLite’s FTS module for searching. I expect this means it will be immune to the many searching problems that I experienced with Apple Calendar, which I think relied on Spotlight. It also now supports axis searches, e.g. “title:foo location:bar notes:baz”.

Update (2015-03-28): Joe Cieplinski:

I always watch Michael Simmons very closely when he’s launching a new product. The guy never fails to get great press coverage. And it’s not by chance.


It’s brilliant. And it obviously works. But only because it’s genuine. And only because he’s willing to put in that time. That incredible amount of time. Not coding. Not designing. (That’s all getting done, too.) But good old-fashioned marketing.

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I love the new version of the app and I was ready to pay the significant price increase, but…
The app doesn't support Exchange or Google delegation.
That means I cannot use it with shared calendars and resource booking. That's a serious limitation in the corporate/academic environment where Exchange is still widely used :-\

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