Friday, March 20, 2015

USB Type-C Power Adapter Possibilities

Thomas Brand:

By not including more capabilities in the power adapter, Apple missed the opportunity to make their new MacBook more functional both out on the road, and back at the desk. Now that power is no longer a proprietary connection on the new MacBook, I hope other companies will take this opportunity after Apple did not.

Third-party power adapters that are also desktop laptop docks. Projectors that provide power as well as video, audio, and USB. A new kind of computer monitor that provides all of the external capabilities of an iMac when plug your new MacBook to charge. The options are endless, and sound a lot more exciting than a $79 piece of plastic.

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There needs to be one secure power supply and it seems prudent that it comes with the computer itself. Smart power supply is also a security risk (remember Firewire's DMA that can suck up you entire RAM?), kudos for Apple for holding back on the temptation.

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