Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jony Ive and the Newton MessagePad 110

Leander Kahney (via Thomas Brand):

Jony designed a clever, spring-loaded latch mechanism; when you pressed the lid, it popped open. The mechanism depended on a tiny copper spring carefully calibrated to give just the right amount of pop. To allow the lid to clear any expansion cards in the slot on top, Jony created a double hinge to allow the lid to clear any obstructions. When the lid was open, it flipped up and over the back to be stored out of the way. That conveyed something to the user too. “Pushing the lid up and around the back was important because the action is not culturally specific,” Jony noted at the time.

The original Newton MessagePad had no cover/lid. The thinner pen attached to the right side and didn’t telescope.

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