Thursday, March 12, 2015

iMessage’s Send Read Receipts

Garrett Murray:

Why did I enable it begin with? I’ve complained in the past on numerous occasions that I’d really like my wife to know when I’ve read a message. It’s annoying to be at the grocery store and receive a “don’t forget eggs!” message only to receive a followup “please let me know you saw this” message a few minutes later. I always want my wife to know when I read her messages—they’re generally action items or requests and she wants confirmation (this same requirement goes the other way, obviously). Ideally, iMessage would allow for per-contact or per-group settings for sending read receipts, but it doesn’t. It should! But it doesn’t. So if I want Stacey to know when I’ve read her messages, I have to let everyone know. Boy oh boy does that complicate things.

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