Wednesday, March 11, 2015

iOS 8.2’s Mandatory Apple Watch App

Sam Machkovech:

During Monday’s Apple press conference in San Francisco, Tim Cook announced that iOS 8.2 would immediately begin rolling out to compatible iDevices—as in, any device that could already run the original version of iOS 8. Along with expected bug fixes, the update’s biggest addition was support for the upcoming Apple Watch. It’s a fact that users are now being bonked over the head with thanks to the creation of a dedicated, mandatory app.


Apple faces two major rivals who produce both smartwatches and smartphones, but both Google and Samsung have elected to ask owners of Android Wear and Samsung Gear (respectively) to log into their exclusive app shops and download a free, optional app to support their wearables.

This totally unsurprising after the U2 promotion.

Ilja A. Iwas:

How is Apple putting the “Apple Watch” app permanently on my iPhone different from Lenovo crippling their laptops with pre-installed adware?

You can delete the adware.

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