Wednesday, February 4, 2015

iOS 9 Wishlist

Clark Goble:

Fix all the bugs and limits in 3rd party keyboards so they work half decent. I want SwipeSelection features without having to jailbreak.


Fix syncing. I still frequently edit an iWork document and can’t get it to show up on my iOS devices. If you can’t make it work reliably then have an “update iCloud” button to cause it to look for new files. You don’t even need to make it obvious. Just put a button on the iCloud preferences that downloads the latest versions of everything.


Have groups sync in Contacts/Mail in iOS so I can see groups and mail to groups. I use Groups a lot in OSX. It’s frankly boggling that iOS ignores them for the most part. (If you type a group name in Mail you’ll get listed the members of that group but you have to select them individually from what I can see.)

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Not sure the "Fix syncing" request is the right one. The right one would probably be more something like:

Trash the iOS version of iWorks. It's just unusable. Even just consulting iWorks documents is a pain thanks to the completely stupid UI/UX.

How about Fix every bug ridden part of iTunes and iOS, which is most of it.

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