Monday, February 2, 2015

Cloak and Private Internet Access

Matt Henderson:

The killer feature of Cloak is that it will automatically connect your device—both Mac and iOS—to the VPN whenever you connect to an untrusted wifi network. Furthermore, during that short period of time between connecting to the untrusted wifi network and when the VPN service is enabled, Cloak will block all internet traffic. (How they got all that working in iOS appears to be magic. But it works!)


So in conclusion, if you connect to public wifi networks, you need to use a VPN service. Cloak provides a great user experience, and just as importantly, is designed to work even when you forget you need it. For most people, it will be the perfect solution. If you travel around enough to run into those rare situations in which Cloak has issues, Private Internet Access is a great backup alternative.

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I use Cloak all the time for their "transporter" feature (so I can pretend I am in another country). It's been working really well on Mac and iOS, except on my old iPad 1st gen, where the VPN often times out when connecting.

I tend to use - It's a lot more reliable than both Cloak and PIA with whom ive both used as well.

The mentioned 'killer feature' is a default feature of certificate-based VPN access with iOS, i.e., you need a VPN server with certificate support and a VPN profile. The latter cannot be created directly on iOS.

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