Saturday, January 24, 2015

Back to the iPhone 5s

Jeff Hunsberger (via John Gordon):

The iPhone 6 screen always felt a bit like it wasn’t made for my hands like the iPhone 5S was. The iPhone 4 and 4S were tiny and I could easily reach any area of the screen. My resistance to the iPhone 5 gave way to the fact that I could still reach the top left corner while holding my phone in the right hand. The iPhone 6 requires you to shift the phone in your hand, balance it on your fingertips and then stretch across to hit the top left of the screen one-handed. The whole time you are courting disaster.


Moving back to the iPhone 5S has reaffirmed my feeling that it is the current high point in smartphones. It is the best balance in speed, battery life, size and durability.

When testing an iPhone 6, I found that it was much less comfortable in my jeans pocket. It simply wouldn’t fit in the breast pocket of my ski jacket. I’m hoping that the iPhone 6S will come in a smaller size. Meanwhile, I’m still happy with the 5s.

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I’m sure in another year and a half when I upgrade to the iPhone 8 or whatever the designation then is, I may feel differently, but right now, if I could have the design and all the tech advancements of the iPhone 6 in the 5/5s size, that would be my ideal.

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