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Monday, January 19, 2015

Clearing the Icon Services Cache in Yosemite

Craig Hockenberry:

If you’re seeing any weird behavior with icons in Yosemite, the chances are good that the Icon Services cache is corrupted and needs to be reset. Here’s how you do it using the Terminal[…]

He’s right that Apple should have a built-in command for doing this. Icon cache problems have plagued Mac OS X for a long time, and the precise way to reset the cache keeps changing.

Kindling Projects

Ned Batchelder:

New programmers often need small projects to work on as they hone their skills. Exercises in courses are too small, and don’t leave much room for self-direction or extending to follow the interests of the student. “Real” projects, either in the open-source world or at work, tend to be overwhelming and come with real-world constraints that prevent experimentation and pure coding practice.

Kindling projects are meant to fill this gap: simple enough that a new learner can take them on, but with possibilities for extension and creativity. Large enough that there isn’t one right answer, but designed to be hacked on by a learner simply to flex their muscles.

Update (2015-01-20): Tim Schmitz:

Ned is mostly talking about new programmers, but this is quite similar to what I had in mind when I started my current app project. The idea was to get some experience working with Swift as well as a few other technologies that I haven't worked with extensively in the past. Even though I'm not new to programming, we're all relatively new to Swift.