Saturday, January 17, 2015

Video and iOS Rotation Lock

Tim Schmitz:

In fact, I leave auto-rotation enabled for one simple reason: video. Most video fits far better in landscape orientation than in portrait. The iPhone's screen is perfectly shaped for wide-aspect video in landscape. Unfortunately for me, iOS won't rotate video into landscape orientation unless it can rotate the whole OS into landscape. Put another way, if I use rotation lock to keep the phone in portrait orientation, that applies to video as well. That means video gets letterboxed into a postage stamp-sized area in the center of my screen.

I wish it would show video in landscape and everything else in portrait.

Update (2015-01-25): Garrett Murray:

There are, however, two cases in which I want the option to use landscape mode: playing games and watching video. Tim’s suggestion of video ignoring rotation lock would be perfect (applied to games as well, obviously). If I had my way, I’d remove landscape from iPhone in iOS entirely but for these two scenarios.

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You're describing exactly the behavior I've always wanted. When my devices where still jailbroken, I used to use a tweak that did exactly that, and now that I don't anymore, rotation behavior is the most annoying thing.

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