Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Functor and Monad in Swift

Javier Soto:

We’ve seen what map can do when implemented on a container type, like Optional, Array or Result. To recap, it allows us to get a new container, where the value(s) wrapped inside are transformed according to a function. So what’s a Functor you may ask? A Functor is any type that implements map. That’s the whole story.


In the earlier example, we used the transformation function to return another value, but what if we wanted to use it to return a new Result object? Put another way, what if the transformation operation that we’re passing to map can fail with an error as well?


And with that, we turned our Result type into a Monad! A Monad is a type of Functor. A type which, along with map, implements a flatMap function (sometimes also known as bind) with a signature similar to the one we’ve seen here.

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