Monday, January 12, 2015

GoodReader and iCloud Drive

Fraser Speirs:

I can’t even compose a coherent tweet about iCloud Drive any more.

Richard Padilla:

PDF reader app GoodReader has removed a number of operations related to iCloud Drive to comply with Apple’s guidelines. Specifically, developer Good.iWare has disabled GoodReader’s ability to create and delete new folders inside iCloud along with the ability to move iCloud files. The developer called the iCloud usage policy “mandatory” and also included VoiceOver compatibility along with a big fix for opening iCloud containers.


Apple has quickly reconsidered its decision and allowed GoodReader to restore iCloud Drive functionality with version 4.8.1.

As with the Transmit case, I don’t think there was ever a written guidelines that was being violated.

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iCloud Drive’s biggest problem isn’t the app store but just its reliability. Several times now I’ve saved things to iCloud Drive and been unable to access them on my Mac until sometimes 24 hours later.

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