Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fox: a QuickCheck-Inspired Testing Framework

Jeff Hui (via Ole Begemann):

Test generation can provide better coverage than example-based tests. Instead of having to manually code test cases, Fox can generate tests for you.

What is Fox?:

Property-Based Testing Tools, especially ones inspired from QuickCheck, are test generators. These tools allow you to describe a property of your program that should always hold true instead of writing hand-crafted test cases.


In the mathematical sense, Fox is a weak proof checker of a property where the tool tries to assert the property is valid by randomly generating data to find a counter-example.


The benefit of Fox over purely random data generation is Shrinking. An informed random generation is done by size. This allows the tool to reduce the counter-example to a smaller data set without having a user manually separate thes signal from the noise in the randomly generated data.

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