Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rewriting Robotics Software in Swift

Brad Larson (via John Siracusa):

At SonoPlot, we just undertook a full rewrite of our robotic control software from Objective-C to Swift. While at first it might appear crazy to rework a large, stable project in a brand-new language, we did so after carefully examining sources of bugs in our Objective-C application and determining that Swift would prevent a large percentage of them.


I found myself repeatedly saying to myself or Janie that a particular bug wouldn’t have even compiled under Swift, or would have thrown an immediate exception. When we totaled up bugs like this, we found that ~40% of bugs shipped to customers in the last three years would have been caught immediately by using Swift. The primary classes of these bugs were:

  • Silent failures due to nil-messaging
  • Improperly handled NSErrors, or other Objective-C error failures
  • Bad object typecasts
  • Wrong enum lookup tables being used for values

This is a great exercise, and of course I like that Swift makes these types of bugs impossible. On the other hand, although I certainly write my share of bugs, I can’t remember the last time one fell into one of these categories. I haven’t counted, but my guess is that it’s less than 1%.

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