Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DiskWarrior 5


Ships on a bootable flash drive to repair your startup disk. Flash drives start up much faster than DVDs and can be updated as needed.


Repairs partition table damage. Sometimes the damage is to the map that describes all your drive's partitions which makes all your partitions unavailable. DiskWarrior 5 can repair standard Mac GUID partition tables when started from the DiskWarrior Recovery flash drive.


Significantly faster. For many disks, directory rebuilding is twice as fast as the previous version.


Recovers more data from drives with hardware malfunctions. Recover your important files from most failing drives, possibly saving you thousands of dollars in professional recovery costs.


Drives containing Time Machine back ups can have enormous directories that were often too large for DiskWarrior 4. The 64-bit memory addressing of DiskWarrior 5 allows these drives to be repaired or recovered.

It’s compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.8 through 10.10.

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