Saturday, November 29, 2014

Using C++ to Deliver Microsoft Office Across Different Platforms


How Microsoft Office’s codebase is being reworked to adapt to the new multi-platform requirements is the most interesting thing you’ll watch today, if you’re a programmer. Contains some nice breadcrumbs about how Mac Office development may be tilted on its head, and some brash admissions that the way forward will not be features that only work on one platform, because it’s hell going forward.

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The more you know about Office's development history going in, the more amazing this effort seems. For example, according to Joel Spolsky, Excel was at one point built using a custom C compiler which the Excel team maintained. ( )

@Jesper Very impressive indeed.

Frustrating that they didn't provide the PDFs. I wish somebody would transcribe the key points (my tolerance for video is falling fast.)

@John I also have a low tolerance for video. I usually convert it to audio and listen in Overcast with Smart Speed.

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