Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Trials and Tribulations of Writing a 3rd Party iOS Keyboard

Alexei Baboulevitch (via iOS Dev Weekly):

I recently released my first commercial project: Translit Keyboard, a 3rd party keyboard for iPhone that lets you transliterate Latin characters into Cyrillic and some other alphabets.


This was a satisfying project to work on, giving me great insight into Swift, autolayout (since removed), Core Graphics, and a bit of Interface Builder. But it also gave me experience with something that I had yet to encounter in my sheltered iOS development existence: the horror of undercooked Apple frameworks and tools.

Below are as many of the problems I encountered during development as I can remember. I have high hopes that these will be fixed over the next few years, but until then, perhaps this article will help some poor programmer in dire straits!

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