Friday, November 21, 2014

Swift Retrospective

Ash Furrow:

We discovered, as I mentioned earlier, that Swift just isn’t ready for primetime yet. I want it to be, but it was probably a mistake to write the app in Swift. By our projections, it took us about four times longer than we had anticipated to complete the project (in terms of person-hours worked). A lot of that is admittedly due to our own faulty estimates, but a lot more of it is attributable to Swift’s immaturity. In future projects, we’re going to be more mindful about estimation.


So we’re pretty much stuck with Swift, as much as you can be “stuck” with a totally awesome language that just needs some more time to have a mature ecosystem of tools. Swift does, after all, address most of my concerns with Objective-C. It has a lot of features that made developing Eidolon a joy. I’m impressed with what Apple’s made so far, but I’m eagerly waiting for Xcode 6.2 and beyond.

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Still seems a much better proposition than integrating the Objective-C object model in the D compiler, and then making a D plugin for Xcode, so you can write your Cocoa app in D. I tried that. It was interesting for a while.

As of Xcode 6.1.1 Swift compiler and editor is _much_ better.

I also think that big issue that those guys had was using reactiveswift and the like, libraries that require much more time to mature

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