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Peak Google

Ben Thompson:

IBM didn’t capitalize on PCs because their skills lay on the hardware side, not software. Microsoft didn’t capitalize on mobile because they emphasized compatibility, not the user experience. And now Google is dominant when it comes to the algorithm, but lacks the human touch needed for social or viral content. And so, when all of that brand advertising finally begins to move from TV to the Internet – and that migration is a lot closer than it was even a year ago – I suspect that Google is not going to capture nearly as much of it as many observers might expect.


This is the primary basis of my thesis that Google may very well be in a similar situation to early-eighties IBM or early-oughts Microsoft: a hugely profitable company bestride the tech industry that at the moment seems infallible, but that history will show to have peaked in dominance and relevancy.

I don’t know enough about advertising to really have an opinion on this, but it’s an interesting thesis.

Yosemite and Default URL Handlers

Luc Vandal:

Unfortunately, Apple is now blocking sandboxed apps to change the default handler for a particular URL scheme. This is why Screens is not able to set Screen Sharing as the handler.


We’re always sad to remove functionalities from our apps but sandboxing gets more restrictive every OS X release.

Update (2014-10-27): Kevin Walzer ran into this issue as well.

Playgrounds for Objective-C

Krzysztof Zabłocki introduces KZPlayground.

Update (2014-10-28): Edge Cases and Mike Ash discuss this.

Yosemite Wi-Fi Enhancements

Glenn Fleishman:

Taken together, this information can help you sort out network difficulties. If you always see 20 MHz in the Channel line, but the PHY (physical protocol mode) is 802.11ac, you have other networks in the vicinity on the same or adjacent channels that are forcing the base station and client to negotiate a slower rate; moving the base station or forcing a different channel could help.

If your noise value is very high (like -30 dBm instead of -90 dBm), there’s interference from other devices, Wi-Fi or otherwise, in the same band, and you again may need to move the base station or pick a different channel.