Monday, October 20, 2014

Trusting iCloud

Nate Boateng:

Signing out and back into iCloud deleted the last 3 years of vacation shared photo streams I had…

To be clear, signing out and back into iCloud today broke nearly every piece of it. Photo Stream, Family Sharing, iCloud Drive. All of it.

Via Joe Rosensteel:

The truly disturbing thing about what happened to Nate was that he didn’t trust Apple, and had a backup of everything. I don’t trust Apple, and I have a backup of everything. At what point is distrust a sign of a problem, and not just paranoia? Even Dan Moren, doing some Color Commentary™ on Thurday’s Apple Event seemed a little scared of the “Public Beta” moniker on iCloud Photo Library.

Andreas Zeitler (via John Gordon):

On iOS 8, the previous fix still works, but now this “fix” has to be applied for each app individually. One app stops syncing? Reboot the device!

I reboot my device about three times a day now, just to get iCloud syncing back, just for one specific app. If that doesn’t fix it, well, users report that you can delete the app and install it again, then sometimes iCloud does seem to come back. If not, well, try installing the app again. If that doesn’t fix it, you can always restore the device, which usually fixes the problem.

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Ah, well, I don't store anything on iCloud. Problem solved.

But it's another kind of trust that is involved: I don't trust third parties, especially the big ones, having access to my personal data. So I store things locally, and sync most things with my own OS X Server.

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