Sunday, October 19, 2014

Aperture Import Plug-in for Lightroom


As promised in a blog post here, we are proud to introduce the Aperture and iPhoto import plugin for Lightroom 5. The plugin allows Aperture and iPhoto customers to migrate their images and key metadata (such as keywords, events, project structure) into Lightroom catalogs in a seamless way.

The problem remains that I don’t really want to use Lightroom. Also, it is significant that image adjustments and stacks don’t import.

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I'd find it interesting to read your thoughts on the alternatives to Lightroom (for raw development, printing), Michael.

@Peter I’m afraid I don’t know of any good alternatives. I plan to keep using Aperture for the foreseeable future. Hopefully Photos will eventually be good or some other option will emerge. Importing to Lightroom now only locks me into the lossy import.

I found it interesting that Aperture shipped with the new iMac. Given it's semi-discontinued, why did they do this? Does it point to something i the future - especially given the mess that's Photostream in iOS8.

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