Friday, October 10, 2014

Recovering From a Failed Drive With Apple’s Software RAID

Wolf Rentzsch:

Disk Utility is happy to assist you a creating a new RAID, but if you try to do that with an existing slice I can speak from experience it will make good on its threat to delete all existing data before creating recreating the RAID. Which kinda misses the point of rebuilding the RAID from the slice that’s still standing.

No way, Disk Utility will let me create a RAID Mirror, but can’t actually rebuild it?


Sigh, OK, so what app do I use to rebuild? This “RAID” looks promising.

Sorry. RAID, available on OS X Server only, is for Apple’s hardware RAID.

As a software RAID pauper, you don’t get an app.

You’re about to tell me I need to drop down to the Unix layer, aren’t you?

Sadly, yes.

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