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Monday, October 6, 2014

SQLite 3.8.7 Alpha 50% Faster Than 3.7.17

D. Richard Hipp (via Hacker News):

The 50% faster number above is not about better query plans. This is 50% faster at the low-level grunt work of moving bits on and off disk and search b-trees. We have achieved this by incorporating hundreds of micro-optimizations. Each micro-optimization might improve the performance by as little as 0.05%. If we get one that improves performance by 0.25%, that is considered a huge win. Each of these optimizations is unmeasurable on a real-world system (we have to use cachegrind to get repeatable run-times) but if you do enough of them, they add up.

Mac OS X 10.9.5 includes SQLite 3.7.13.

Brad Cox Interview (2009)

Dave Dribin interviews Objective-C co-creator Brad Cox (via Christoffer Lernö):

When I learned about Smalltalk and object-oriented programming from the Byte article, I think in 1982, I realized I could do something pretty similar in C and that would be a better basis to build on.


When I was directly involved, its goal was simply to add dynamic typing to C’s static typing. And the static typing you’re referring to was largely added after my time.

The idea was that Objective-C features were to be a fairly lightweight kind of tool: a soldering gun not a silicon fab line. The things you’d use C for, the statically typed stuff would be ways of building the software ICs. And that’d be done in C. That was the idea at least.

Can’t Turn Off Twitter Badges in iOS 8

Since I only use the Twitter app to respond to authentication challenges, I had turned off the option to have it badge its app icon for unread direct messages or replies. Unfortunately, that setting stopped working with iOS 8, and the switch disappeared, as users in Apple’s forum have also found.