Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple Pay Human Interface Guidelines

Apple (PDF) (via John Gruber):

You can add line items to the purchase total to explain additional charges. A line item consists of a label and an associated cost, such as “Gift Wrap $5.00” or “Tax $4.53”. You can also add an item with a negative value, such as “Friday Discount -$2.00”. Use line items for charges that are added to the merchandise being purchased; don’t use them to display an itemized list of products.


Note that the Apple Pay sheet always displays text in all capital letters.

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Per RFC 2821, the local part of the email address before the "@" is case-sensitive. The email address is all uppercase in the screenshot in the PDF. I guess they're relying on every one having configured his mail server to accept incoming mails regardless of case. Either that or they don't know what they're doing.

I'm always bemused—most recently last week—when I get an email with my email address (which, online, I always type completely lowercase) entirely or partly (the local part) uppercased. All the more so because I have in the past encountered mail servers where the case-sensitivity of the local part *was* enforced (though it's been so long that I can no longer remember when or where I ran into said server; perhaps someone believes that it and all such counterparts have been retired with more Postel’s Law-friendly replacements? :P ).

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