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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Lost Art of Software Testing

Dave Winer:

I think all developers go through the initial hatred of the tester, feeling unloved, and depressed because the labor of our love is so awfully buggy, broken and badly designed! Oh. But you eventually come to see that knowledge is power.


We had a great QA team at CE Software. One of the things is that almost everything pushes you to ship as early as you can. The developers want it shipped so they can start work on the next version or the next project. Marketing wants it shipped so they can start selling it and it can turn into real cash. Support wants it shipped so they no longer have to tell people yes, that’s a real bug, yes we’ll be fixing it in the next version, that will be soon. And even the customers want it shipped because they want the bugs they’re dealing with smashed and they want the new features we’ve talked about in their hands. You need a QA team with the desire and the authority to say “this isn’t ready to go”. The authority usually comes after a disastrous release, it did for us.