Monday, September 1, 2014

Late to Launch

Dr. Drang:

Earlier this month I learned what I was missing. After building an overly complicated set of scripts for adding common entries to my work diary, I learned how much simpler a set of LCP actions would be. I now have a color-coded group of actions for all my common diary entries.

I was also late to using Launch Center Pro (App Store), and I use it in a similar way, only with OmniFocus instead of Drafts. I started using it when OmniFocus 2 for iPhone initially did not support TextExpander touch. It does now, but I found that I prefer Launch Center Pro’s buttons to typing abbreviations that the iPhone’s keyboard always seems to auto-correct away from what I actually typed.

I really like Launch Center Pro’s functionality, but editing actions is a pain. The URL text field is narrow, you have to manually percent-encode everything, and there is no undo history or version control like if I were editing scripts on my Mac.

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Whilst I fully agree that editing actions is a pain, it is no longer true that you have to manually percent-encode everything. More recent versions of LCP have various methods for auto-encoding things.

@Rich Thanks. I did not see any indication of that in the user interface, but it’s mentioned in the release notes. The explanation is a bit confusing, but gist of it seems to be that you can now enter text in {{}} and have it auto-encoded.

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