Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meta Notifications

Matt Henderson:

What I need is a notification system that reliably alerts me when things aren’t normal. Such a system would receive those periodic email notifications from my various apps and utilities, and would notify me whenever they didn’t receive them on the expected periodicity.

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Have a web server with a script that writes "success" on a web page after checking that all the desired email notifications have been received at the expected time. Then make Pingdom (or similar service) check that page every few minutes and alert you whenever it's not written "success" on it.

I have never done so for checking for the absence of email in an account though. Instead I'm running quick diagnostic tests at each Pingdom request.

There's a service called Dead Man's Snitch that can do this for cron jobs.

What Jeff said. Dead Man's Snitch does exactly that.

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