Thursday, July 31, 2014

1Password App Extensions


The video embedded here, produced by our fearless co-founder Dave Teare, speaks for itself. Thanks to Apple’s incredible new developer features in iOS 8, third-party apps can let 1Password fill Logins without the user ever leaving the app. Yep, complete with Touch ID for unlocking the vault.


With just a few lines of code, your app can add 1Password support, enabling your users to:

  1. Access their 1Password Logins to automatically fill your login page.
  2. Use the Strong Password Generator to create unique passwords during registration, and save the new Login within 1Password.
  3. Quickly fill 1Password Logins directly into web views.

This is probably what I’m looking forward to most in iOS 8.

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Ditto. This can’t come fast enough.

So if I want to support 4 different password apps I have to implement 4 different extensions?

@Phil It looks like they are trying to design a protocol to avoid that problem.

Thanks! It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

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