Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fat Cat Software Aquires FlickrExport

Brian Webster:

I’m pleased to announced that Fat Cat Software has acquired FlickrExport from Connected Flow Ltd, its long time home. FlickrExport is a pair of plugins that let you upload your photos and metadata to your Flickr account directly from your iPhoto or Aperture library, using each program’s built-in exporting function. FlickrExport has also been updated to version 4.1, which now provides compatibility with iPhoto 9.5, and fulfills Flickr’s new requirement that all communication with its servers be done over an encrypted SSL connection.

Great news, since both development and support of FlickrExport had seemingly stopped years ago, and the plug-ins were on the verge of breaking.

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My concern is that iPhoto is going to be dropped next year with the new Mac Photos app — be interested to see if iOS iPhoto also gets subsumed by iOS 8. I've done some work on a SmugMug iPhoto export plugin but am loath to keep working on it with this uncertain future.

Maybe it'll be turned into an XPC interface with Extensions, but I'm not holding my breath :-)

@Nicholas And Aperture is apparently dead.

@someone Are you basing this on the lack of substantial Aperture updates, or something else?

@Michael Lack of updates (FCP X was updated for the Mac Pro, Aperture was not), the fact that Apple is putting resources in switching from iPhoto to "Photos", ex-Apple employees recommending to use Lightroom because of lack of updates (for various reasons apparently), etc.

I would like to be proven wrong, though.

@someone The switch to Photos will surely take resources. Longer-term, with iPhoto gone, that would seem to leave more room for Aperture, if they choose not to abandon it.

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