Friday, June 13, 2014

App Store Bundles as an Upgrade Path

I was not that happy to see App Store bundles announced, as it seemed like a way of driving app prices down even further. Instead of one app for 99 cents, you can get two or three. However, Michel Fortin suggests that bundles could also be used to implement upgrade pricing. Put the old and new versions of your app in the same bundle, and the App Store will discount the bundle based on what you already paid for the old version. You end up getting the new version at a discount.

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I'm wondering if we might see them used as an alternative to universal apps in cases where it makes sense. Maybe situations where the iPad app has enough additional functionality that it warrants a higher prices than the iPhone version.

For example, 4.99 for the iPhone app, 9.99 for the iPad app, and 12.99 for the bundle?

Let's you charge the higher price for the additional functionality, doesn't force the iPhone-only user to pay for the additional iPad-only functionality, gives your best customers a deal (like an upgrade discount), and maybe gives people on the fence an incentive to complete their app bundles.

Who knows if we'll see stuff like this happen or not.

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