Thursday, June 5, 2014

Apple Has (Partly) Lifted the NDA for Beta Releases

Ole Begemann:

I am not a lawyer, but if I am reading this correctly, it means that beta version of the operating systems and SDKs are still under NDA, but Apple allows developers to discuss new APIs and features that have been introduced at WWDC in public. That should cover pretty much all the new stuff in iOS 8, Yosemite and the Developer Tools.

Chris Adamson:

The interim scenario we’ve been living in since then — no talking about the unreleased version, even though we all have it on our laptops — is still frustrating and fairly absurd. I wonder if either Apple’s going to give us an official clarification, or people are going to just go ahead and start talking. It would be nice for the conversation to be led by the top developers, speakers, and instructors instead of the rumor-mongers, for a change.

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