Friday, March 21, 2014

Refactoring: Taming the Bunnies

Mark Bernstein:

If bunny methods repeatedly need to get stuff from the mother object, consider passing the information they need as arguments. If you have too many arguments, make an argument object. If a method on bunny A needs to talk to some other bunny, pass the bunny as an argument.The point here is to unravel the tangled strands of yarn and to knit up your raveled sleeve of care.


The last refactoring round made the bunnies better, but now we’ve made the mother class worse. No worries! Take all those little methods you just made in the mother and sprout a Nanny class.


The nanny, in short, is a new class that abstracts that tangle of yarn. In trade school lingo, it’s a multiple Facade, an interface between bunnies and the mother class and also an interface amongst in homogenous bunny classes.

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